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Having a horse farm had always been a life long dream for both of us. We were born and raised in Vermont and of course, every Vermonter knows that Morgans are the Cadillacs of the horse world! 
Shortly after marrying, we relocated to Atlanta and spent many years living life, raising children, etc. until we could escape the city, head back to the mountains and the way of life they offer. Instead of the Green Mountains, we are at the southern end of the Appalachians near Helen, Georgia!

As every transplanted Yankee knows, you always feel like you have one foot back in your home state and the other in your chosen, transplant location!  This turned out to be the case, with our horse farm.  We now have both classic, foundation Morgans that exemplify the chosen "Yankee" horse, and American Saddlebreds who conversely exemplify the chosen "Southern" horse with their grace and elegance.  A foot in each world...


What's in a name? On beautiful, sunny, southern afternoons, while visiting our farm land, planning our construction, we noticed there was usually a hawk or two gliding over the Sautee Valley where our farm lies. We decided it would be fitting to name it Flyhawk Farm. As I was skimming through some Morgan historical articles, I came across a feature on Flyhawk himself. In conclusion, it noted modern day stallions carrying Flyhawk blood, among them was Funquest Erick! Who just happens to be our Gab Creek Traveler's sire. Flyhawk Farm really does carry Flyhawk blood! Now that we are living here on the farm, we have seen hawks sitting on the black four board fence watching the horses and then gliding up into their nest overlooking the pastures. It seems that we aptly named our farm, by accident.

At Flyhawk Farm you can watch a Morgan reiner spinning and sliding to a stop, or a Saddlebred circling the ring displaying natural gaits with ears up and tail flying.

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